[Weekly Contest] Best Song

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[Weekly Contest] Best Song

Post by Beat on Sat Sep 09, 2017 3:43 am

Hello everyone,

Vibes, gives you the chance to share your favorite video with all the rest and be able to win some points here on the forum and also get your video to be shown on the header of the forum for an entire week. How this works? Simply read below and you will understand.

How it works ?

This contest is very simple. Each member can post one youtube song per week. Once the week is over, the video with the most likes will be the one placed on the header of the forum. Then, a new contest will begin where you guys can post again your favorite song and the one with the most likes will replace the first one, and so on and so forth. Each winning song will give their author 200 points for their profile and their favorite song on the top of the page. If only one song is posted then the song will win and get the rewards. If no song is posted, then the previous song will remain at the top for an other week, as a bonus week. If this continues, the video at week 3 will be removed and we will be waiting the next song, at the end of next week.

Rules of the Contest

  1. Each member is allowed to post one song per week.
  2. Everyone is allowed to participate, even Staff Members.
  3. Each week begins at Sunday, 2 PM (14:00) Central Time and ends at Sunday, 12PM Central Time. That means the competition finishes on Sunday and after two hours it starts again.
  4. Each winner will earn 200 points for their profile.
  5. If there are two songs with the same votes, the Staff will decide with a vote for the best song and therefore will be only one winner.
  6. If some next week, there are no participants, the same song will stay at the top for a second week, without any points addition, and the third week will be removed, in case of no participants.
  7. All participants must only post youtube video songs in order to add the to the top.
  8. Each week a different song must be the winning song. That means that the same song cannot participate two weeks in a row. It is possible though to participate with the same song, week 1 and week 3.
  9. The winning points cannot be donated or be exchanged with something else other than those points.
  10. Each participation can take place with simply the youtube video song, or the youtube video song and your favorite lyric from the song. If the winning video song, has a favorite lyric, the lyric will be added to the header as well.

We hope you like this contest and we wish all of you the best of luck and happy posting!
The Team.

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